Get a Room with a Kitchenette & Save Money!

One of the biggest expenses to any vacation outside of your lodging is your food.  Perhaps you want to save some money where you can so that you can go out to some of the nicer restaurants that Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have to offer like the Timberwood Grill, The Old Mill, or The Apple Barn.  If you are wanting to trim back your dining budget for this or any other reason then we suggest getting one of our kitchenette suites so you can find the grocery store deals at home and save $10-100 per meal by eating in.  We have put together some helpful tips and links to help you prepare for your vacation and save some dough.

Things to bring:

  • A good spatula
  • A non-stick pan
  • An appropriate sized pot (depending on your family size)
  • Disposable dishes (no one wants to deal with cleaning dishes on vacation!)
  • Dish soap and a scrubber
  • Your favorite spices
  • Drink mixes for kids (saves space and you don’t have to give them sugar and caffeine from a bottle… hotel rooms can get small fast with hyper kids!)
  • Sealable baggies for snacks and leftovers
  • Snacks and refillable bottles – throw some snacks in a bag and fill up your water bottles to avoid the temptation to get snacks on the road when you’re on your way to that day’s big activity!
  • Do as much prep as you can at home.  Counter space will be limited so getting everything chopped, grated, sliced, etc will be a time saver for you.

Helpful links to help you make the most of your Pigeon Forge dining:

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